Thursday, 23 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Indoor Mapping

The app in which i am going to design for the exhibition is going to based around the idea of way finding and being able to navigate the visitor around the exhibition.

I found an app similar to this which was based on an exhibition space too, here are some screenshots of how it works.

2D map that shows the footprint of the exhibition space. 

A blue dot shows on the map for where about you are within the exhibition. 

When you get close to certain point within the exhibition that have information or things you can view on the app, icons like these above pop up on screen. 

when you click on them it tell you what is there and you can then click on the arrow to find out more. 

Once clicked on the arrow the information is brought up on a new screen. 

An area that has lots of information coming from one point. 

Clicking on one of the icons bring you to a new screen in which the information is displayed for you. 

Selecting the floor of the exhibition is done by the floor selection tool at the side. When you click on the number it opens to show all available floors to view. Simply click the floor number to take you to it. 

I think this is a good way to use the indoor mapping within an exhibition space. This app has been developed well and shows all the different aspects that i would like to include within my app, except i would like to have the app in 3D. This has shown me ways in which i can design the app and make it properly function so that the user can get the most from it and it being useful to use within the exhibition. 

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