Tuesday, 7 May 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Design Sheets

With the idea behind me and now knowing what i want to do with this idea and concept for the publication of the module, i have started to look at the design aspect of the publication. The main thing i need to sort out is the layout and style to the publication. I want the publication to be very visual and show the content i want to communication mainly through imagery, with text when needed and to explain the more longer and detailed section of the book.

Planning the idea of the publication and what content would be within it. 

Focussing down on the publication being about coca-cola and how the content of this will fit together to create the publication. 
Order of the publication set out so i know what i need to design to. 

To start with i have started to look at the layout for the publication, looking at imagery within the layout and then both image and type and seeing how i can combine the two together to create a good mix and strong layout with structure for the publication.

Page layouts for the imagery pages - this is mainly for the case study and history of advertisements. 

Page layouts for text and image pages - the majority of the book will be based around these layouts - so i needed to get it right from the beginning. 

I have also started looking at the design for the front cover.

Front cover designs

How the front cover and publication works together

perfect bound publication

Publication held with binding screws.

Overleaf front cover design. 

From these designs, i am going to now mock up the ones which i like the most and think would work the best for the publication. Once i have done this, i can simply copy and paste the layout to the document and add in the imagery and body copy when needed. I think this is a more effecient way for me to design personally, and i get to look and feel the design of the layout before all the content is added which makes it harder. By using a placement image and placeholder text, i can still get a feel for what the design of the layout will be with all the correct content.

Now having done these layouts and getting everything designed right and laid out to how i want them, i can start on the proper document and start to add the content and images. This should hopefully make the process alot easier by having the layouts done and sorted.

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