Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fred task - What is graphic design for?

With Fred we were look at what graphic design is for. There are 5 main catergories which graphic design is split down to:
- information & way-finding
- publishing & editorial
- branding & identity
- product & packaging
- retail & promotion
These catergories arent fixed and design work can cross between the subjects.
We started to look at Editorial & publishing. This catergory can broken down to:
- Magazine design - content/type/image/format/text &grid
- Book and Publishing - books/posters/cd design
- General Publication - similar to editorial publishing but for a wider audience.
For the task on this we had list 10 subjects within each category an then write 10 examples of this subject e.g magazine design - design magazines - grafik/creative review/blueprint etc

I was given general publication to research into, we managed to write down 10 subjects
- brochures
- annual report
- fanzines
- catalogues
but then found it hard to give examples of these because they are so broad and aren't normally in the public eye all the time, so for my research i have decided that i will 10 different examples of these based up good design and bad design.


Effects of telling lies

Everyone knows that telling lies can get you into trouble. Most of us learned that as a kid. When Mom or Dad found out it was you, not the dog, who ate the last piece of chocolate cake, you were in for it. But what if you got away with it? Chances are, if youdid get away with it, you tried it again and if it continued to work for you,lying became a useful tool in life. The thing is, sooner or later that kind of antisocial behavior catches up with you. It starts to affect your relationships and it can most assuredly affect your health.

The Mind Body Connection

Our nervous systems are connected to our immune systems so it makes sense that our brain and our emotions can send out messages that affect our health. To put it simply, your body responds to the way you think. When we think happy thoughts our bodies produce endorphins; hormones that make us feel good. Those chemicals also contribute to a stronger, healthier immune system. Conversely, when we are worried, anxious or generally stressed out, our bodies produce different kinds of hormones such ascortisol, and norepinephrine.
Cortisol increases blood sugar and suppresses the immune system. Norepinephrine kick starts the “flight or fight” response meaning our heart rate accelerates and our blood pressure goes up.
Modern medical doctors as well as holistic practitioners agree that a person who lies continuously will eventually face anxiety, depression, physical illness and even psychological illness.

Why Do We Lie?

Psychologists tell us that we lie because we are fearful of the consequences of telling the truth. Guilt bears a heavy burden on those who live into it, so people lie to avoid looking stupid, or incompetent, or so someone won’t get angry at them.
There are other reasons why people lie. People are afraid of being punished. They may feel embarrassed, they may loose face, status, or they might not get what they want, as many liars lie to manipulate people.

Liars think they are protecting themselves, but that kind of  payoff obliterates the meager benefits listed above and it can be devastating to one’s health and happiness.
First off, it takes a lot more effort to tell a lie than to tell the truth. 
To be a believable liar, you have to live into the lie, which often means believing in the lie yourself. Deluding yourself is stressful work because it’s a lot easier to remember the truth than it is to remember details of a lie. If you're questioned about the situation that led to the lie, you have to stick with it even if someone challenges your lie with proof that you’re lying. It takes a smooth operator to gloss over every challenge and it takes a sharp memory to defend every lie with conviction. Even the most convincing liar constantly worries that his or her lies will be exposed. It's that kind of anxiety that brings on ulcers, headaches, sleepless nights and paranoia.
Lying is not only an anti-social behavior, liars often become anti-social themselves. If they hang around people they’ve lied to, they begin to dislike those people. They may even blame them for their problems. It's no wonder that lies can ruin work relationships, marriages and friendships. If you’re caught in a lie, your credibility drops to zero. Without credibility or friends it's easy to understand why liars are prone to self-criticism and depression.

Don't Worry About Choosing the Truth

If you are tempted to lie, relax. Remember that the repercussions of telling the truth are really much easier on the mind and body than are the repercussions of telling a lie. There are a lot of benefits in choosing to tell the truth, including saving your sanity and physical health.
Simply by saying you’re sorry (if you did something wrong) and offering to make up for your error may end the ordeal quickly and you won’t be plagued with having to constantly substantiate the charade of the lie.
Simply by telling the truth about an embarrassing situation and taking responsibility for your actions can win you respect and perhaps even the support of others.
You’ll also gain a reputation for being an honest person. True, you may be known for making mistakes, but honesty is still the best policy and you’ll avoid that stomach ulcer.
People may just become more truthful to you and that has lots of advantages. You’ll worry less about whether others are telling you lies.
By being a truthful person, you’ll become more persuasive. People will trust you more. It’s ironic, but truthful people get more of what they want in life and if you get what you want you have less to stress about.
By being truthful, you’ll sleep better, eat healthier and consequently, you’ll look better.

To Stay Healthy, Stay Honest

Remember, whether you call them fibs, white lies, or exaggerations, if it isn’t the whole’s a lie.
We don't often realize that something as simple as the words we chose, can make us ill, but it's true. Lies will eventually eat you alive; the truth will support and nourish your mind, body and spirit.
So don’t jeopardize your mental and physical well-being by letting fear rule your actions and choice of words. Lies will enslave you...and as the saying goes, "The truth will set you free".

Also another article on effects of lying:

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Telling the truth//box designs

So for the outside of the box we were talking about including some sort of design, that would include maybe the saying/tag line to go with our message for this brief, along with some sort of design, which could be laser cut or screen printed on the material we use - wood or perspex.
I have been looking at Anthony Burrils work for my other brief- 404 and noticed that he had done some large scale work with wood, we he cut into with his own designs, so i took inspirations from these for our ideas.

Telling the truth//box designs

As part of this brief we as a group are constructing a installations for the public as part of this we need a box which the public will interact with, here are some box designs which we could use. Within the box and on the outside we will be putting a design on it to make it more attractive and to attract more people to it.


For the session with jo on friday we have to find 10 things which we find interesting from out design context blog and then collate some information from the blog about this subject.

10 interesting things:
- erik kessels style work

- history of typography

- public advertising

- cultures and how effected design

- Anthony Burrill//screen printing

- Manifesto
As part of one of Jo's task we had to look into manifesto and i found some interesting ones in the process, some which were taking more light heartedly and others which were real, i did find reading these really interesting and could be a subject to look into further. Im all up for motivational work, working with motivational speech and quotes etc. It could be something interesting to work with, also ties in with the work of anthony burrill in a way, so i could bring that element in too.

- modernist vs post modern

- publications

- packaging//3d work//installations

Russian contructivism  - 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Graphic Design Public Installations

For our collab brief we are looking at creating some sort of design/interactive installation that we would put in a public place to see the reaction from the audience.
I have tried to find a few examples of this, i did find it quite hard to find anything relevant but i couple of ideas from it!

Just a few various installations which could generate some ideas for me an my group. i like the idea of pasting something to floor, it looks really effective and eye catching.