Friday, 10 May 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Digital Resource

Within the publication i am going to create a digital resource. This basically is going to be a disc which holds all of the TV advertisements of the advertising campaigns spoke about within the publication. The idea behind this is so that the reader can look at the tv campaigns at the same time as the print campaign and get a better understanding of it. It also creates a second use of the publication and makes it a bit more interesting.

To put the disc within the publication i am going to put it on the last page of the publication, it will be held in the publication by a cd wallet. The disc and wallet will have a design printed onto them to keep them inline with the publication.

The disc will have a sticker on the front to make keep it the style of the design of the whole publication and idea of coca-cola.

The cd wallet will also have this same design on be obviously be a square and have the type worked up different for the different format. 

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