Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Posters

For the posters within the promotional material i want to create a range of them, these will be slightly different in how they are designed but all advertise and promote the museum. I think having a range is better than just one because this gives variety and not everyone likes the same aesthetics so its giving everyone a chance to be attracted to the exhibition and come along for the right reasons. 

For the posters i want to mix the use of imagery and colour and type, by layering these items up together and creating some clean and simple posters which effectively promote and communicate the exhibition. 

I like the use of the colour within all the designs. The way in which the posters have been hung and displayed makes it more interesting to look at too, along with the different sized formats of each one. The mix of image color and type has been used within some of posters on here and it looks really strong, i particularly like the one with the yellow face, this looks good with the black type over the top. 

With this design i like the use of the type and image together, the type gives it an oriental feel to the design and works well against the image. The same with the bright purple / pink colour which is used within the design, this makes part of it stand out from the rest and in general creates an interesting design.

This product is a information poster which folds down to create a publication sized document. I like the layout of this document and how the black and white photography has been used - this both contrasts with the bright green type colour and also flattens all the images to the one colour so none are more prominent than any others. 

This is set of branding products, you can see here that the design aesthetics and any imagery and type has been used across all products within the range. This creates a consistent body of work, which clearly shows the application of the branding aesthetics across a range of material.

The use of the type and image works great together. I like how the type has been set out especially the main title at the top, but also that the body copy as been set into columns which make it seem like a editorial piece. The image has been changed to take on the blue colour which compliments the red of the body copy but is also a lighter colour so this sits into the background more. I think this has been laid out well and shows a good composition of all elements within the design.  

The layout od the type on this poster is great, the bottom section has had a lot of time taken to line up every element of the type and make it all aligned to each other. The use of the white and red over the image is strong and bold and works well with the black and white image.   

I love the layout of the type on this poster. I think its very interesting to read and sends your eyes around the full poster area, so you take in every bit of the design. The type has also been set around the top left image, which works great and doesnt really take any focus off the image itself. I like how the smaller body copy has been over laid on the larger type too. 

Great colour scheme and how it works with the black and white imagery. I like the idea of having the circles and how they work within the design and with each section of the image. This splits the image down into three areas and highlight different part sof it which you probably would see otherwise. The lines in the background also set how the smaller body copy is worked into the design. 

This is very image based and uses a lot of block colour and gradients within the design. I think the type is quite hard to read within it because this is either really small in the case of the body copy or the title is too hard to read because it is in white but against a pastel red which doesn't make it stand out that well really. I like the overall design and how the different block of colour and image have been brought together, but i don't think the type has been designed or thought about that well. 

These examples show the use of image and type together in one design. The composition of the two together is important to make the design work and so it communicates the right message to anyone who looks at it. The colour and how it is applied to the artwork is also important. I defiantly need to know the information to communicate on these posters before i start to design them and select the correct imagery which will work on the formats that i will use. 

I am interesting in the tall and thinner paper size that some of the posters use within this post. I think working on a different format like that will make it more interesting, especially for me as i dont particularly enjoy designing posters. 

Using this imagery and ideas from these posters can help me in making the decision on my own poster for my exhibition. I have been informed on a style in which i like and think would work not only for the poster but to run throughout all the  products. The use of imagery and blending modes and colour, these three when mixed together right and with a few other elements can make the best result in the artwork, which is what i am aiming for. 

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