Tuesday, 7 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is good // Wayfinding further research

After coming up with the idea and concept for the wayfinding system and how it will work along with the wayfinding app, i have gone back to research into some more ideas for the wayfinding system within the museum that will work around navigation.

like the simple illustrations which make up the icons, the use of the bright yellow in the background makes them stand out and would be good out in the environment as these would stand out there too an everyone would be able to see them. 

Very informative with the arrows, this gives clear instruction to the visitor of where to go but also looking good as a design too. I think it could be complicated to follow. 

Simple, precise, good design, does what it sayd on the tin. 
Really clear icons and the use of the black background makes them stand out against anything - i like the see throughout elements so the wall can be shown through - this could work well if the wall was coloured.

bright and colourful, big and easy to read. At the National media musuem the way finding comes in the way of arrows, but big ones like this on the side of this wall here in the photo.

Again using the wall to create the way finding on. by printing direct onto the wall i suppose you would save on money, but it also makes the walls more interesting and infact does the number etc become an art peice on the wall?

More clear and simple illustrations which stand out against the bold and bright background. 

Simple and small directions attached the to wall. I think this could be too small though and not stand out enough to atract the visitors and make them stay within the exhibition / navigate around them. 

Cool acrylic signs, love the colours of these, the boldness defiantly stands out the most. Again the use of arrows and direction have been used within this way finding. 

Made from steel / i think this is defiantly right for a bookstore / shop but i dont think the drink at this free would be open still.  

Another direction form an arrow, which is oversized again. The arrows are definitely present in alot of exhibition branding. 

again i like the use of the arrow wihin the certificate of my documents? I think the idea of direction and taking it literally like would be a good idea to use within the exhibition, especially if it was to be on a large scale like the image below, it creates a god atmosphere around the place. 

big bold yellow - oversized use of the sign is a good idea. makes it very clear about what is around and brightens up the museum a little too. 

Nice colours that have been used, they all compliment each other and would work individually too. I like the colour choice and think this is a positive towards the design. I think this could tie in nicely with the idea of my way finding app. 

I like the use of the lines throughout this exhibition - it gives a feel of the underground. It is a simple way in to direct people around the museum. 

more simple, small illustration which can be used throughout an exhibition

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