Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Invitations

For the invitations that i want to create for the opening night of the exhibition I want them to be something special. They should be personalised and show high quality, so i think i am going to do something which involves me printing them, maybe embossing them would be nice. I like the idea of the rectangular shaped invites. 
Here are some examples of invites which i could use as inspiration. 

I like the format of these invites and the mix of photography with the solid colour and type. 

This is an interesting way in which to design the invite by using a laser cutter to create the artwork. Im not sure this has the aesthetic i am after for my own invites but i like process and how it has been adapted for this invite. 

Great use of colour against the stock colour and having a range of colours could create a personalised range of invites. I like how the back and front design connect by using the circle outline. 

Very good standard of design, I think foiling has been used on here and it looks very attractive to look at. The design is simple but catches your eye with the solid gold and the slight shine it has to it. It looks very upper class and an elegant event. 

I like the composition of these invites. The use of the imagery and the placement of the type within these are very well balanced but at the same time different from what you would normally see. Its great and i like it. Im not quite sure if this would work for my invites. 

Love the gradient around the edges of the invites - this ties in nicely with my own exhibition branding and could be good if i could do something like this - i think more research would need to be taken out to see how i could achieve this

Love the folding format of these invites, its interactive for the user and gets them involved straight away. The design is good as well i like that its all type. Good use of colour and stock too. 
I like the format of this invite. The rectangular shape but folded up into three smaller rectangles. This could be good for posting out as it would be small and cheap to post but yet the design could be great because it folds out to reveal a good standard sized invite. 

Love the colour in this. 

To me these look more like programmes, but maybe they are large invites with extra information about the exhibition in. I like the design of them the colour choice is great, especially against the grey stock. I like these but dont think its suitable for my own work. 

Looking at this small selection of invites along with other promotional material has informed me about my own practice and the project in which this falls into. I think i will take forward the idea of using the rectangular format, but i want to use some printing techniques within this to make it more personalised but also give it that hand made feel too. 

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