Friday, 10 May 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Illustration

For the section in the publication which is about coca-cola and pepsi and how they are effectively the same product but 2 different brands. This section looks at how they differ both as a brand and through the advertising they do.

To play on this idea of them both creating the sam product, i came up with an idea for an illustration, which was to use the coca-cola logo - lettering logo and make the pepsi logo out of it.

original Pepsi logo. 

To make up the logo with the coca-cola logo, i have layered the coca-cola logo over the pepsi logo, this helped me get the right shape of the logo and made it easier to work with the Coca-cola logo within the space. I have tried to use three different scales of the coca-cola logo to balance the design out throughout the logo. 

Once i had completed creating the logo with the Coca-Cola logo, i have selected the two pepsi colours they use within the logo - this will then be applied to the two sections of the logo to make it look more like the original pepsi logo. 

This is the final logo. From a distance it does just look like the pepsi logo, but then when you look closer you can see it is made up of the coca-cola logo. This is the result i wanted, i wanted it to be subtle, so it wasn't noticed straight away. 

This design will be used within the publication to create a double page spread on the cola wars. I will also use it within a poster i am going to create for the publication. 

Illustration used within the spread in the publication. 

Another play on type i have used within the publication is again for this same section, but as the article carried over one spread i thought it would be a good idea to incorporate another idea i had at the start within the publication. 
This again revolves around the idea of the two brands creating the same product. 
I have taken the coca-cola type to create pepsi and the pepsi type to create cola - swapping the colours around of the logo also help identify that they are different. 

As you can see this is the pepsi typeface - old typeface now. But by using the coca-cola title and red colour, it created the coca-cola logo but in a different view, you still acknowledge it is pepsi because of the renowned typeface but see coca-cola. 

The same idea is used on the pepsi version. Using the coca-cola typeface but the type of pepsi and the colour. 

Creating an image for the publication, the idea of choosing which brand you prefer. 

Type worked up within the publication spread. 

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