Friday, 28 June 2013

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Subject

From the beginning i was interested into looking at something to do with digital, because this is a growing interest of mine and also something which is becoming more apparent in graphic design.
When i presented the idea in my presentation session, i spoke about the subject very broadly because i didn't know which i wanted to focus on, from doing this i have started to look into different areas and some extra things which i got from the presentation session.

I have decided that i want to focus on publishing and how it is turning digital in this era. The idea of digital publishing with new technology is something more and more clients are taking up - clients wanting publication / literature available digitally and to view online / on devices and also that magazines and books are now being designed primarily for digital viewing.

With the ipad, kindle and other tablet devices, also including smart phones the publishing sector has now evolved and found this new way in which the product can be displayed. But is this a good thing? Should publishing be pixel or print? - this is what i am going to research into and create my dissertation around.

Also looking at the digital technology of ebooks and tablets; I can research into the way publishing is created for these devices and how it differs to normal print. Also with ipads & iphones this leads into skeumorphism, which is a big subject area that has been spoke about around apple at the minute.

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