Saturday, 11 May 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practise // Publication Case

After i bound the publication together and made it into the full finished book. The front cover pages kept curling and even after laying heavy products on top of it it was still curling. I also didn't want to ruin the book by it getting damaged or anything, so i thought i could make a protective cover for the publication.
I also thought this would give it an extra aesthetical feel to it and make it more of a product which you would relate to value and meaning of something.

To make the cover i used grey board in which I cut a rectangle into the front, so i stick red stock behind with the title of the publication.

The rectangle allows the stock to slow through and the title of the publication too. The red also stands out and contrasts against the colour of the grey board. 

When i was thinking on how to create the publication, I thought about how to use the grey board to make the cover but so it only folded around the spine. I spent some tim thinking of different ways in which i could do this and came up with the idea of cutting lines into the grey board, but not going right the way the stock, this would create scores in the stock. I then bent the grey board and the scores opened to create a nice curved edge to the cover and enabled it to fold around the spine of the publication. This made it easier for me cut out and used less stock. 

Publication cover with the cuts down the spine in order for it bend and create the curved edge for it to fold around the publication spine. 

This is the front of the publication. You can see the title of the publication coming through the stock, but it still looks a little plain. To fix this and make it more about Coca-Cola i am going to engrave the bottle design that is on the front cover of the publication in the space above the title. 

Having this case also helped keep the different products together, because i created the poster to go with the publication i was planning on putting this within the publication, but with the perfect bind being used it cant slide right into the edge of the publication and over hung the edge of the publication, but now it can be put behind the publication and be kept together within the case. 

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