Monday, 20 May 2013

OUGD505 // What is Good // Research Rationale

From carrying out my reserach and doing further workshops to develop the idea of the concept i now feel that i have a strong concept in which i can work and produce a strong body of work for. I feel that the workshops and other elements of this section of the module and brief and helped me a long way in coming up with this concept.
The concept is going to work by using old imagery of the BBC Radio to use within the branding and identity of the exhibition, this will be applied across a range of products to show that the identity can be applied to more than one format. I have seen this being done within my research and is a common thing across all exhibitions. I think that this will work in favour and i will be able to create a strong visual and identity for the exhibition.
Within my research i have looked into exhibition branding and promo material and i have seen that there is always a link between the two products in some way or form in order to make the full branding package. This i am going to carry on through my own project and focus on creating a larger range of products which all have the official logo embroiled into the work.
The second thing which my research has shown is that interesting formats have been used to catch the visitors attention and to make sure they see what ever is being advertised. Also the use of bright colours or something abit different within the design area to create something like that.

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