Friday, 10 May 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Poster

From the illustration of the pepsi and cola logo working together to create one logo for 2 brands, I decided to create this into a poster to work with the publication. This will be folded up and slotted inside the publication, this will probably be on the back cover within a small holder.

The poster is very similar to the page within the publication, this has the illustration at the top of the page and the type below with the information about it being 2 brands and one product.

Logo illustration - creating the pepsi logo by using the coca-cola logo. 

Type at the bottom of the poster. This poses the question of which brand will the user choose. Th idea of the poster is to to ask the question at the end of the publication, because they will have read all the content and learnt about coca cola mainly, but with the chapter on pepsi and coca cola, they will have seen the difference between the two brands and can make there mind up about each brand. 

The full finished poster with the two elements together. The poster is pretty simple, but with the clean layout, this leaves the pepsi logo at the top the focal point of it and the main things which the reader will see when the first look at it. 

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