Thursday, 9 May 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Publication Layout

From doing the selection of page layouts, i was able to start designing the publication quite quick and was getting through the design fairly easy - this paid off doing the page layouts first and just having to drop the text and images in.

I started off with the beginning of the book and did the about coca cola section. Using the page layouts i created the first chapter of the publication. But after doing it, i wasnt happy with the design.

I set out wanting to create a really visual publication and having the advertisements as the main focus throughout the publication. This is why i took this design style on and started to created the publication, but as i kept looking back over the chapter i found myself less and less happy with the design. I dont think this is correct for the publication and gives the wrong impression when you look at it. Also i was finding it hard to think how pages that have more information and less text would fit within this style.

I sat down again and thought about the content of the publication; i needed a change and a radical design style change, because this wasn't working for me. 

After thinking and drawing out ideas and plans, i came up with the idea of expanding the publication. I thought i could look at Coca-Cola as a brand and look into what makes them a successful brand and the things they have done in order to become this great success across the world. This broaden the content of the publication and made it more of guide to branding and advertising. I was still going to focus on the advertising side of the company, but by bringing the branding in and looking at how they did things to make coca-cola as a brand so big, will improve the publication and give it more meaning. 

Deciding this i started to hash together a running order for the publication and how to set the publication out. 

Front cover
About Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Brand Success
Coca-Cola product and brand placement
Coca-Cola vs Brands
Coca-Cola A history of Ads
Coca-Cola ads case study
Page with digital resource
Back Cover

I think this content within the publication spans the whole of Coca-Cola and covers the ideas of the brand and what they have done as a company to become so big. This also means that i can cut down certain chapters to make room for the new ones i have added. 
All in all the publication will 56pages, which i think is a considerable amount. 

In terms of the publication layout i am going to still keep it visual throughout but have a more structured and gridded system to the layout. 

These sorts of layouts are what i am going to take inspiration from to create the publication layout. I think this will give a good balance of text and image and give me the flexibility for pages that need more text or more images. 

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