Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Theory to Practice//Timeline

After getting all the relevant information and writing out the timeline yesterday, i decided on doing the final one.
I first started by drawing out some different designs for the timeline itself

design sheet.

After choosing the one to use, i started to digitalise everything. After looking at the packaging i realised that it wouldn't be big enough to put the time line on the packaging, so now i am going to make it into a concertina book, to keep in the theme of the timeline, i think this will work best.

So i started on the timeline within the new format

Colour variations, on the last one i used the same colours as the one above but did it on a gradient, so there was no gaps between the colours.

Final timeline.

Close ups of the timeline.

I am pretty pleased with the timeline, it has taken a long while getting everything lined up etc and making each date fit within the timeline on the format of the page. I think the design is quite basic, but there isn't a lot you can do with a timeline! With it being simple you can easily read it as there is a lot of information that is close together, so i think in this case it works well.

Now for the back of the concertina book i want to provide more information on some of the things in the timeline, mainly information about designers and some key things which changed the way typography was used. 

I have used the idea of the timeline to split the sections of the information up, which i think looks good and works well within the design of the booklet.

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