Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Theory to Practice//Publication layout

For the publication i am now doing i need a grid and a layout for each of the pages, to be able to lay all the text on. Within the publication there are some pages which have a lot more text than others and some have more images etc, this will mean the layout will have to change slightly to suit each page, but the underlaying grid will be the same.

To start with i drew up some layout thumbnails, just throwing ideas down on what could be the layout. These were only some initial ideas, so other layouts including other things would be developed from this.

From this i took the three i liked the best and drew them bigger, so i could see what they like more clearly, i decided that i didn't like any of the three on there own, but i liked elements from each one, so i decided to combine them together to create the final layout.

After combining all three elements together i created the final layout, which i then drew some alternative layouts for the different styles of pages that would be within the publication.

These are the digital versions of the three layouts i came up with to start with.

This is the final lay out which i will be using as a base. The fonts etc will change but as a template this is what i will be working from.

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