Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Theory to practice//Logo & header

For the front cover of the publication and the font dictionary i want a logo, which will also act as the header for the pages inside the publication.
I want something that i pretty simple put still ties in with idea of the history, so I'm thinking of something to do with either timeline's or the typography itself.

Initial digital version of the logo/heading

Adding colour into the heading makes it that bit more lively and ties in with the colour scheme.

How it would look on a page in the publication.

I think that this heading works well because it is simple but does what it needs to do. The logo ties in with the idea of history, because it is on a line and the first bit is meant to be like the beginning of the timeline. This sort of just happened when i was first planning out the publication and i liked it and thought it fit in with the publication and the font dictionary, so i kept it. 

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