Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Theory to Practice//Change in Products

As i have been designing the products i have realised that i have lots of little booklets and the timeline and the anatomy were going to be concertina booklets but i couldn't print on the back so the other information would be lost.

Now i have decided to collate them all into one publication, still keeping the information cards separate. But all the rest will be in booklet, to get the timeline and anatomy to fit into the booklet i will use a gatefold spread within the publication, this is basically were the page will fold out, so i will have two pages folding out to make the equivalent of 2 A3 landscape next to each other. This will fit the timeline and extra information below.

I think this fits the project better as at the beginning we were told to experiment and be creative with the outcome we design, incorporating this into my design should make it a lot better and i am happier with this idea.

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