Friday, 4 May 2012

Theory to Practice//Classification of type

Within my type handbook i am doing a section on classification of type and the characteristics of each one.
For this section i have broken it down into the following 6 classifications:
- Humanist
- Old Style
- Transitional
- Modern
- Slab Serif
- Sans Serif

For each classification i am going to show 5 typefaces:

Design sheet for this section of the book.

This will then be presented into a info graph for part of the double page spread in my publication, the other half will explain each classification and illustrate the characteristics of it.

The beginnings of the double page spread:

This is the heading for the info graphic that will be part of the spread

The main circle which all the info comes off.

The finished outline of the info graphic, from the the different fonts will be added to the ends of the lines relevant to the classification they belong to.

For the other half of the double page spread i am showing the characteristics of each of the classifications, for this i had used the 3 main letterforms in which you can tell which classification is which this being: e o r. For this i am going to illustrate the main distinctions of this by highlighting them.

These will be placed within the page layout a long with other information relevant.

Finished spreads:

This is the first half of the spread, which has been designed in indesign, because my publication has fold out pages, i have to design them pages in a separate documents. So this is the first half of the classification spread, which gives information on each classification and illustrates the characteristics of it.

I put the two separate documents together so see what it will look like when printed. I like the look of this, i think it  works well together and the line from the title going across the two pages, joins them together better and makes them look more as one spread.

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