Thursday, 17 May 2012

Theory to Practice//Printing Mishaps

I printed my final products today ready for the crit tomorrow. As you do when you are printing there asre always things that go wrong. Today was pretty bad for me, for the font dictionary, the pages weren't set up right, which meant i couldn't print them in my print slot, so i had to go to drop in after eventually getting the documents set up right. I managed to get them all printed, but then when i came to cutting them out i saw that one of the pages were aligned right within the card itself, so this didn't look right. I decided to print it again, after adjusting the document and printed it, the alignment was fine and worked well, but even though the colour on the document was exactly the same as before and printed from the same printer, it printed a completely different colour. So this really annoyed me, but i suppose the printing quality isn't really down to me, but there is now about 6 cards that are a different colour within the font dictionary and it just ruins it, so i may print them again for the hand in date.

As you can see the information cards above are out of line.

The top line is the reprinted ones, the bottom is the original. Even after printing from the same document on the same printer there is a massive difference in colour of the front side of the cards.

The reprinted cards, which are in line, but now the wrong colour.

The other problem i had was the front cover, when i printed it and cut it into the two A4 pages, the writing on each page was aligned rubbish and i didn't like it, so i reprinted them again.

I have learnt from this that i need to make sure my documents are set up correctly and that i make sure i have checked over them thoroughly before printing. There isn't anything wrong with it, just costing me more money! If in industry though and i did this, there would be a lot on my case for it, which i just need to make sure that the finishing touches have as much attention as the rest.
Some things are out of your hand like the printing quality and you just have to run with it.

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