Sunday, 20 May 2012

COP Workshop//Identity

We did a workshop with Jo about identity and stereotypes.
To start with in our groups we had to think of 10 stereotypes of students, we then collected this together within the whole group to make a list of 10 stereotypes of students:
1. Heavy drinker
2. poor
3. lazy
4. sociable
5. drug user
6. sexually driven
7. poor diet
8. messy
9. sponger
10. independant

Out of these 10 we had to mark ourselves against then and i got a score of 5.
We then had to think of questions that would give us the answer of these stereotypes.
1. how often do you drink in a week?
2. are you in debt?
3. would you class yourself as lazy?
4. how often do you go out a week?
5. do you take part in recreational drugs?
7. do you eat your 5 a day?

We then started to look at identity and what you think of when you want to identify someone.
1. appearance
2. personality
3. life experience
4. nationality
5. hobbies
6. dialect
7. friends
8. wealth.

We were given 2 of these identities and again had to think of questions which would give you the answers for each one.
1. describe your personality in 3 words
2. how would you describe your fashion style
3. name 3 events in your past that has shaped you?
4. what languages do you speak?
5. what is the top 3 things you like to do in your spare time?
6. do you use slang from your local area, if so what?
7. how many people do you consider close friends?
8. name 3 most important things you spend your money on?

I was given the answers to to number 6. Which we had to analyse and evaluate.
Slang - 19 answers
amount of people that said:
no - 6
little - 3
yes - 10

of that 10 most common words:
bare - 3
inabit - 2
wasteman - 3
allow - 2
propa - 2

of that 10 percentage of where they came from:
yorkshire - 70%
midlands - 10%

bare and wasteman are the most common words used
70 % of the group that said they use slang are yorkshire
majority of the group is badly spoken.

we collected everyones answers together:
1.majority of group positive
2.majority of group dress casual
3. majority of group motivated
4. english is most spoken language
5. majority of group are a creative person
6. majority of group are badly spoken
7. majority of group vale there friends
8. majority of group are responsible with money
9. majority of group are individual
10. majority of group are sociable

we then scored ourselves on this list and i got 9.

To think of 10 interesting thing to ask yourself to identify your own audience characteristics
Identify 3 pieces of work that you like because of who you are
1. How old are you?
2. Do you consider yourself as creative?
2. Has your education influenced you in any way to what you like in design?
yes, when i was in school i didnt like doing exams, so i choice to do graphic design as a btec, my love for it grew from there and thats where i began to learn more and more.
3. What is your favourite type of design?
editorial/typography/printing techniques
4. Do you prefer digital design or the older techniques?
i love screenprinting and letterpress, but i also like digital design too. I think if you mix the two together right i can look amazing.
5. Where would you like to travel out of anyway in the world?
Australia, singapore, prague
6. What do you spend your money on the most
food, printing work, travel.
7. What would you do with a free night?
look at design work, create new designs, watch tv. generally relax and do what i enjoy
8.What is your favourite type of food?
curry and italian
9. How much time do you spend on a computer a week?
pretty much the majority of every day
10.What music do you listen to?
pop-punk, rock, general, anything!


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