Sunday, 20 May 2012

COP Workshop//10 rules for myself

- wash up as i go along making food
- clean the flat once a week
- try exercise daily
- eat good proper meals
- wash my clothes
- food shop on same day every week/ buy more each time so dont have to go every week
- remember i have a job to take into consideration with uni work
- leave enough time on a morning to have a shower etc
- eat healthy
- clean my car!

- go out more through the week
- make sure see friends
- dont take work home with me
- dont waste time on internet looking at pointless stuff
- go to more gigs
- enjoy life
- try leave weekends free to do whatever
- socialise with people on course more
- make time for going to the pub to have a drink with mates/flatmates 
- make sure i leave time to do my hobbies, get back to taking photos more. 

- dont take work home with me
- use my time more efficient
- use all resources available
- experiment with my work
- have regular breaks from working on computer
- leave time to look at design work for inspiration
- get to college earlier on a morning
- cross course collaboration?
- use the library more
- don't stick to one style of work, mix it up.

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