Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Theory to Practice//The type handbook

So as I've said before i am producing two separate elements to this brief, the first being the type handbook and the second the font dictionary. At the minute i am working on the type handbook.
This is a little trickier than i thought, because i am having the fold out pages in it, i have to design these pages and backs of them in a separate document, which makes it harder for me to line everything up across the double page spread, but it will still work okay.

The grid and making of the page layout for the publication.

To start with i made myself a grid to work off for all the pages within this publication, for the majority of the pages it will be split into 2 columns having a thin one and then spreading the rest over the two columns. This should fit in nicely with all the pages, on the bigger spreads i may have to split each column down more to fit all the information in, but that isn't a problem.

Laying out the page of the publication. As you can it has all fit into the grid nicely, on some areas i have moved away from the did slightly because i thought it needed more room, which i have used a guideline to help me with this, this will be consistent on all spreads so it will still work fine.

The layout of the page.

After looking at the page layout, i needed to add the page numbering and heading, which i was looking at where to place on the page. I thought that the pages did look a little empty, they were filling right to the bottom, so this is when i came up with idea of having the page numbering at the top of the page, like it is shown here. In this case it meant i could push all the information down slightly to take up more room and have the numbering at the top. This style also fits in with the font dictionary more, so it works better this way.

Close ups of the page numbering at the top of the page.
After figuring out the grid and the layout of the pages i used this template for the rest of the publication and started to design all the pages:

Double page spread for the timeline. This goes over two A3, which fold in half to make the A4 size of the publication, because i am doing it in this way i have to do these pages on a separate document to print them, but as you can see they are identical in the page layout.

Contents and history of type spread. The history of type page, goes into more detail about how typography first started and how it came about.

Classification of typography spread. When printed these two will be next to each.

What makes a typeface and styles. This is where you see the full layout of what i was visually wanting the publication to be like, because of the amount of info on some of the other pages, i have had to change the layout slightly, but the same elements are still there and working on the same grid.
Anatomy of type, again working on the same grid.
Fold out A3 page on the anatomy of typography.

Anatomy of type and sources spread. This sources page, covers everything that i have used to gain the information for my content of the publication; books and internet sites. I have also included a further reading section for book and internet sites and a design and download section which is websites for looking at typography based design work and where you can download fonts from.

From designing this i printed out a rough copy for me to look at and evaluate the design and content of the publication.

After printing this out i managed to speak to jo about my project and i showed this. Her feedback on it was that it was designed to a high spec and looked very good. The content within the publication is good and reads well. The only thing she said i should consider was the outline the aim of the publication; what is would be used for and what the reader will gain once read it. So for this i am going to extend the information on the contents page to cover this.

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