Sunday, 20 May 2012

COP Workshop//Good Crit Questions

We had a workshop with Jo on crits and crit techniques, within this workshop we went through the different crit formats we could possibly use and the best techniques to use within in crit.

During the crit we discussed why we crit and came up with 5 key reasons to why we do this:

- It gives you feedback on your work
- Makes me confident about your own work
- You can see who works in a simikar style/ anyone else work you like; colaboration
- It can develop your ideas further
- Its a time where you can discuss and describe how you are doing/ did and the meaning behind your work.

After this we did an exercise where we had to evaluate a piece of work that wasnt our own from various questions we were given. I foun this helpful as it showed me different ways to look at a piece of work and not to take what you first see as the final design.
For this exercise we used:
D - describing - what is here?
I - interpreting - what is it about?
E - evaluating - how good is it?
T - theorising - does it solve the problem?

From this exercise we came up with questions that are good questions to use in a crit to give you more info on a peice of work:

-Where did you get your inspiration from?
-What are you trying to communicate?
-Who is your target audience?
-What is your reason behind the design?
-How would you improve your work?
-What researched influenced you?
-What is the function of the design?
-What does the colour symbolise?
-What context would your work be used in?

I came away from the session and thought up of some more crit question myself

1. What is the product communicating? Is this what the intended message/concept was meant to do?
2. In what context would you see the product?
3. Is the format of the product relevant to the content/ work for the product?
4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the product?
5. Does the colour and stock relate the message/concept within the product? Does it work together?
6. Is the product appealing to the eye? Would it attract your attention?
7. Could the product be produced on a mass scale?
8. Who is the audience for the product? Does it relate to this audience in the right way?
9. Could the product be further developed into a wider range?
10. Does the product have a good design aspect to it?

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