Thursday, 17 May 2012

Theory to Practice//Final Products

My final products for the theory to practice brief. My products are to inform and explain the history of typography.

The font dictionary-

 The Type Handbook

More photos of both the products

I am really happy with the outcome of this brief. Apart from the slight blips on the printing everything has gone really well. I am especially happy with the publication.
The publication was a challenge for me as i was including the fold out pages, but these were to make it something different and i don't think anyone else has done this, so i am really pleased with that aspect of the publication. To print this i had to juggle the publication over two softwares, which was pretty tricky but still i managed it and i think it looks really good and i am very happy with it, defiantly one of my best pieces.
The font dictionary i am pleased with too, once i get it all printed to the same colour i will be a lot happier, but the actual design of it, i like, i think it works well for the scale and format of the cards. Alo laminating one side of them, makes them bit sturdier and also makes them waterproof.
Overall i am really happy with the layout of both the products, but my favourite by far is the publication, i just think that this works really well, all the content is cohesive and the layout and design of the publication really suits the content and puts across the history. I think it has all worked good and i am happy to hand it in.

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