Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Theory to Practice//How will it be presented?

I have decided that i am going to produce a small beginners guide sort of thing to typography. The emphasis will be on the history of typography.
I will produce a package that will contain a timeline, information cards and small booklet.
These break down to:

Packaging - the timeline will be printed on the inside of the packaging, which gives it a secondary use, this uses the packaging in a creative way to tie it in with the whole project, i may produce a small booklet on this too.

Information cards - These will form a font dictionary. From the typefaces that are within the timeline i will produce a font dictionary of 30 fonts, within this information about the history of the font, the designer, when it was made and the purpose of the font will be displayed.

Booklet - this will be a small concertina booklet, to tie in with the whole timeline theme, as it will unfold like a timeline. This booklet will be a typography handbook, it introduces the anatomy of a typeface, classification and other aspects to identify a typeface.

This will be the products in which i produce for this brief.

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