Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OUGD503 // Wedding Invitations // Inspiration

I have started to look at different formats and ways that i can work with this wedding invitation idea. I am totally free with the design of the invitation, so its quite hard to think of something right from the offset.
Here i have looked through alot of different designs in order to try and give me some ideas for what i can do. 

I have seen that all the designa are different, theres not really a set style or anything because wedding invitations are personal to the couple and they normally match in with the style of the wedding.

I have seen that alot of the designs especially traditional designs use serif typefaces and other have a letterpress style to them. I would love to use letterpress within the design, but with the timescale and because i have never done it before i think that is too ambitious. But i will be able to serif fonts and work with the traditional style, maybe try and put a modern twist on it and see how that goes.

This visual research has defiantly helped me think of somewhere to start with this.  

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