Tuesday, 2 April 2013

OUGD503 // Its Nice That // Inspiration

As i am designing an app for the relaunch of Its Nice That, i started off by looking at some app which i liked the design off. I had an idea in my head of how i wanted to it to look and the style of it, but i also wanted to look at some other designs to see if i could get any any new ideas or develop the ones i had.

I like this gridded system and structure to the app interface it gives a formal style to the app and make its easy to use. The buttons are also big, which makes it easy to use on the touch screen. 

Again the gridded system to the display works well and makes the visibility and readability of the app easy.

With this design i like how the different sized shapes and icons have been used within the interface. This breaks up the screen and makes it easy to identify different object and uses that the app has.

The icons work really well here, with the titles below them it makes sure the communication of each category has been put across, but the bold and simple icons makes it easy to understand anyway. 

From a distance the icons are strong and bold, with them being in white against the vibrant blue background it makes them stand out. I can still see what they are representing from this distance. 

Again i really like the icons used on this app. The structure to the app makes the aesthetics of this really strong, having the icons makes it easy to see each category and more appealing to look at. On the top image i like how the four main categories have been split using the lines. 

Working on the idea of different shapes and sizes placed together in proportion within the screen space. This is like the one before and breaks down the screen. I think this would be effective with images, having a wall of images at different sizes, that all fit together within the screen would work well and look good. A creativity wall!

I like the buttons being designed within the circles with the simple illustrations again. they are split down in squares and are all proportional to each other. Im not too sure is the having all the buttons in the circles works well together on the screen. 

This menu is great. Splitting the screen down into equal squares and having one as each button, works a dream - the buttons are big enough to use on the touch screen and the illustrations can also be bigger within the square. The black and white work well together to make it really clear and stand out, so the legibility is strong. 

Again with this app i like the structure an grid to the menu page, along with the clear icons, it makes this app look really modern and clean. 

On this app i like the colour identity for each of the categories down the left hand side. This makes it easier to identify the different categories, but also add some colour to the app, which all work well against the black background. 

The vibrant orange background stand out well on this app, working against the colour of the iphone it makes the app really eye catching and striking. I think the use of colour for the app is important, you need something that will attract attention to it but also work throughout the app for all the different sections. Again simple icons have been used - I have seen this in all app, the main buttons have been really simple but bold icons, this makes it clear and easy to identify the categories.

The different opacities work well on this app, even though it is all in greyscale, the variation in the opacities add some sort of distinction between all the buttons making it easy to identify each one. The typeface used in this app is really nice, being a bold and condensed font. The icons again are simple and bold being in white they stand out again the gradient background. If i was designing this i would have added one colour in the background, to take it away from being greyscale, this would have added some colour to the app, but still had the same effect on the buttons. 

Looking back on the apps which had different sized shapes and images within them, i looked at more of these based around images. here you can see the full background it made up of images all of different shapes, but they all link together and fit within the screen proportions. I think for the blog posts and searching out new inspiration this would work really effectively on my app and give the maximum usage of the iphone. 

Thinking about this same idea more, i have looked at pinterest, because this uses that same format, which i think could be interesting to use within the app and within the iphone contraints. 

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