Friday, 5 April 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Publication Front cover

After starting on doing designs for the publication and looking into the editorial design of the publication, i started to think about the publication front cover. I want this publication to be of quality and look like a collectable - i want to produce a professional looking publication. From looking into different ideas for the publication i decided on a style for the front cover

This is the style that i want to go with, and the design that i gone with is similar in style to the first image. Having a second front cover, that wraps around the spine of the publication - this is also the width of the publication. 

As i want the publication to show it is about Coca Cola, i have used the iconic colours, the second loose front cover is going to cover the design on the main front cover, because i want to colours to identify with the communication of the publication, then when it is lifted up you will see the design and see it about coca cola, obviously the title of the publication will be printed onto the second front cover and give this away, but the association of the colour should hopefully work too. 

The main front cover, this shows the coca Cola bottle and the iconic white wave, this obviously shows what the publication is about, with the added information at the top and bottom which says 'coca cola advertising case study' this again tells the user what it is, but the placement of the text makes it look more informative and takes on a modern twist of a case study. 

This was the initial design for the second cover, the top two lines work well together as they overlap with the line width and fit together nicely on page, giving a good look to the design, the Analysis running off the page on the top line also reads well with it coming back in, in the line below. But then the coca cola section of the design doesnt work, because the word length is short there is alot of white space around these words and doesnt balance with the top section of the design, also the coca cola doesnt run on from each other. The design looks empty and though it is missing something. 

After working on the design more, i have spaced the lines out better and worked on the line spacing to make it look more balanced throughout the design. Also correcting the coca cola section making it look as though it runs on from each other, these now reads better. To make the design look better and have more of a design to it, i have added the lines to each line of text, this is meant to represent that each line leads onto each other and is a way of connecting them together, it makes you read on and see that each line is part of the same sentence. Its like a replica of .... within a sentence. 
Below i have done more variations of the design with using different colours. 

These are the second cover which will be stitched into the publication when bound together, i wanted to type to be big, bold and stand out, the idea of the text being oversized and coming off the page is to make them first of all be attracted to it and for it to catch their eye, but then to make them read it and actually try and piece it together, beneath the title is in full but smaller, so this isnt seen as much. 

I have tried a variety of colours because i didn't know which would work the best. I am in two minds wether to print this on white stock or on trace, the trace would be printed in full black and the white stock would have the design that is black with red lines. the red lines associate it with the red colour of coca cola, i think having the type in black makes it more bold and standing out, but it needs to be in this colour otherwise there would be too much red within the publication front cover. 

I also tried doing the second cover over the full double page spread, this would be spread around the front and back page, and work as a wrap around the full publication, but compared to the first design, i dont like the aesthetic of it, it doesnt read that well and doesnt have that good a structure or design to it. I think using the designs above will give a better result. 

Here i have mocked up the designs to try and show how they would look when printed in the two different ways, this was to help me try and decide which way to do the front cover. This image above, is to show using trace stock, the tope design would be printed all in black, as the red would disappear into the red of the main design. I do like this but it goes against trying to hide the design below, so you only see it when the second cover it lifted, also the overlaying type doesnt fit in with the coca cola on the bottle, so i think i am going to use the design below. 

This one is the same except will be printed onto white stock. I think this works better as a publication front cover, when you fist see it here, the colours work btter together and the white stock fully covers the design below. The initial look of the publication looks quite formal and professional which is the look i wanted it to have, but then when you lift up the white cover, and see the illustration below it adds the fun back into the design with the illustration and you see the real coca cola brand. I think using the red lines works the best too, as this links back the red in the main design, if it was to all be in red, it would be too much red. The black and red work well together too. 

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