Friday, 5 April 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Ideas and concepts

From the beginning I wanted to link publication in with the my essay which was looking at 'The Gaze' in Advertising. As i thought this would be quite specific and couldnt think of something i could relate this to for a publication subject, i have broadened the subject to advertising.

I have two ideas which i came up with that i though would be viable to do:
1. Produce a case study on one big brand. This will breakdown the brand and look at all the aspects of advertising and how they are developed over the years.

2. Compare like brands. Comparing how brands that sell the same product advertise differently and advertise to different audiences. This will work in vs each other throughout the publication.

Out of the two ideas i went into the last crit we had for the ideas and work we had done so far on this module, with the intention of doing the second idea, because i thought this had more to it as a project and would be more relevant.

But when i was looking through design sites for inspiration on doing this idea and ways to present it i found this project on behance, which is pretty much the same idea:

This is pretty much the same idea and concept as to what i was intending on doing, i was planning on doing in more detail and looking at the ad campaigns of each one, but i don't really want to do it anymore because it looks like i would of copied off this project. 

Also i started to look into the idea more and find the campaigns of different brands, which did prove to be really hard to get hold of information and images of them. 

When i was looking into this one of the brands i was looking at was Coca Cola, now there was alot of information on their website and i found alot of ad campaigns on various sites that they had done, once i had started to look into the company more it was really interesting. So i thought this would link back to the first idea.

Final Idea 

I finally decided to do the case study on a brand looking into the advertising campaigns throughout the years. I am going to do this on Coca Cola. The case study will cover a breakdown of the brands advertising - what it is, how its done, and who created it. I will look back into the history of the advertising and do specific case studies of ad campaigns that i can find more information about. 

This will be presented in a publication, the publication will be focussed on quality and be produced at a high standard to fit in with the brand, i will use the iconic colours and style of the brand throughout the publication. As Coca Cola have alot of TV commercials and i am going to create a digital reference document to hold all the videos and show them within a pdf document. 

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