Thursday, 18 April 2013

OUGD503 // Hellfire // Inspiration

For the bottle design of the beer, i am either going to go with the idea of printing onto a label which will be two separate labels, one for the front and back, or to print direct onto the bottle. 
Both these design ideas will have the same aesthetic look and feel for the bottle, but the approach will be slightly different for each idea.

I have looked into bottle label designs, looking at both label designs and printing directly onto the bottle. I have seen that the majority of the designs are based around using a label instead of printing direct to the bottle, this is because it wil be more cost efficient to use labels with such a mass production needed. 

With the style of the labels i prefer the ones which have a more illustrated design to them, these look more eye catching and i think if it was on a shelf in a store or supermarket, someone would be more inclined to see that sort of design over another.  

Looking at these designs has given me some ideas for the design of my own label, and the way in which the label should be designed in the first place. With the visual aids from the concept idea, ic an now start to work on the label.

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