Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // History of advertisements

As the main part of this brief is going to be looking at the advertising campaigns, i have started to look at the history of coca cola printed advetisements, these go back to the 1880's. From looking at these ads you can see the development of advertising throughout the years and how things have changed for advertising throughout these years.

The coca cola ads started in 1889 and ran throughout the years with new ads being printed being printed every couple of years. In the early years coca cola used alot of female models within the advertisments, these are now know as the coca cola girls. From looking through these advertising campaigns you can really understand the nature of graphic design in the past and how design was seen so differently. Today these ads are gems and a real highlight of the history of coca cola, only this would be possible to look back on, with a brand that is so big and globally known.

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