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OUGD501 // Theory to Practice // Product Placement

Along with the advertising campaigns, Coca Cola also did alot of tv and movie advertisements. Here i found all the selected tv programs and movies which Coca Cola has had product placement within to gain more custom.

Coca Cola on the TV

You’re probably familiar with our iconic television advertising, from the festive Coca-Cola trucks and jingly Holidays Are Coming advert, to our polar bears chilling out in the arctic. But beyond the ad breaks, you can also spot our drinks in some of the nation’s favourite television shows. Keep your eyes peeled for Coca-Cola cameos in great British comedies, long-running soaps and riveting reality TV shows.

From Walford to the Woolpack, Coca-Cola drinks can be seen in your favourite soaps including Eastenders, Doctors, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.

Lord Sugar's would-be employees tried to keep cool and avoid getting fired on The Apprentice with Diet Coke and our energy drink, Powerade.

Powerade also featured in the show that links Barry Island and Billericay, the Beeb’s bittersweet comedy, Gavin and Stacey.

The cheeky Inbetweeners from the Channel 4 series have been spotted with our energy drink, Relentless.

Another group of teenagers, this time from BBC3's sitcom, Coming of Age, hang out with cans of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite while going through all adolescence can throw at them.

Coca-Cola, Oasis and Schweppes drinks also get in on the laughs in Come Fly With Me, the airport based sketch show from Little Britain duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Fashionistas Trinny and Susannah accessorised with Diet Coke in their spoof documentary Trinny and Susannah: From Boom to Bust, which took a light look at their TV careers.

Coke Zero helps the funny fundraisers on Lets Dance For Comic Relief stay fresh as they battle it out while raising cash for valuable projects across the UK and Africa.

Schweppes drinks have been dinner party guests on the celebrity version of everyone's favourite food show, Come Dine With Me.

The product was also chosen to be used within these shows:

- The Adventures of Daniel (BBC3) – 23/8/10 – (Coke Zero)
- The Bill (ITV1) – 3/9/09 (Sprite, Fanta, Coca-Cola)
- The Cut (BBC2) – 31/10/09, 30/10/10 – (Coca-Cola)
- Demons (ITV1) - 3/1/09, 10/1/09, 31/1/09 – (Diet Coke, 5 Alive)
- Doc Martin (BBC1) – 12/06/09 (Diet Coke)
- Episodes (BBC2) – 21/2/11 – (Coca-Cola, Coke Zero)
- The Gadget Show (Channel 5) – 2/8/10 – (Glaceau)
- Harry Hill TV Burp (ITV1) – 14/11/09 – (Coca-Cola)
- How not to live your life (BBC3) - 13/10/09 – (Dr Pepper)
- The Human Power Station (BBC1) – 3/12/09 – (Dr Pepper)
- Katy Brand vs The Wanted (ITV2) – 10/11/10 (Coca-Cola)
- Mistresses (BBC1) – 3/3/09, 10/3/09 – (Diet Coke)
- Primeval (ITV1)– 23/5/09, 22/1/11 – (Coca-Cola, Coke Zero)
- Seven Days (BBC1) – 12/10/10 – (Diet Coke)
- Single Father (BBC1) – 10/10/2010 – (Schweppes)
- Skins (E4) – 27/1/11 – (Sprite)
- Spooks (BBC1) – 11/12/09 – (Diet Coke)
- The Thick of It (BBC2) – 7/11/09 - (Schweppes)
- Trinity (ITV2) – 4/10/09 (Coca-Cola)
- Waterloo Road (BBC1) – 2/12/09, 16/12/09 – (Coca-Cola, Fanta)
- The X-Factor (ITV1) - 21/8/10 – (Diet Coke)
- Xtra Factor (ITV2) – 11/9/10, 18/9/10 – (Diet Coke, Coca-Cola)

Coca Cola in the Movies

You’ve probably spotted our drinks on the big screen over the years, helping filmmakers around the world tell their stories. Often it's a quick appearance that helps to set a scene; sometimes Coca-Cola takes the spotlight.

Our drinks have been chosen by filmmakers to play a key role in some of the biggest Brit releases of recent years:

Bridget Jones Edge of Reason (2004) – The Coca-Cola Mega Sign in London’s Piccadilly Circus is seen conveying words of encouragement to Bridget as she sets about saving her relationship with Mark Darcy.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) – This 'romantic comedy with zombies' or 'rom-zom-com' from British pair Simon Pegg and Nick Frost used the lead character's move to Diet Coke to depict his new healthy lifestyle.

Street Dance 3D (2010) – The body-popping dancers back flipping out of the screen on this uptempo UK hit kept refreshed and energised with both Powerade and Coca-Cola.

We have also been part of some of the biggest movies of all time:
It's a Wonderful Life
George Bailey, the down-trodden protagonist of this classic festive favourite, works in a small town pharmacy. In line with Coke's beginnings in pharmacies across the States, the set features a Coca-Cola fountain and the screen is littered with Coke memorabilia such as stained glass lamp shades and Coca-Cola thermometers.

Dr Strangelove
A Coke vending machine briefly takes centre stage when the main character needs to make a phone call to the President. As he instructs his sidekick to shoot the machine for its change, the sidekick replies that he will have to answer to The Coca-Cola Company.

Again the bottles have been chosen to appear in certain films:

- 4,3,2,1 (2010) – Coca-Cola
- Adulthood (2008) – Sprite
- Angus, thongs & perfect snogging (2008) – Oasis
- The Baker (2007) – Coca-Cola, Sprite
- Body of Lies (2008) – Coca-Cola
- Born Romantic (2000) – Coca-Cola
- Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) – Diet Coke
- Goal Trilogy (2005–2009) – Coca-Cola
- Green Zone (2010) – Coca-Cola
- High Heels Low Lifes (2001) – Diet Coke
- I could never be your woman (2007) – Coca-Cola
- In the loop (2009) – Diet Coke
- Love Actually (2003) – Coca-Cola
- LD-50 (2003) – Dr Pepper
- Match Point (2005) – Schweppes
- Proof (2005) – Diet Coke, Coca-Cola
- School for Seduction (2004) – Coca-Cola, Sprite
- St. Trinian’s (2007) - Sprite
- The Wedding Date (2005) – Coca-Cola
- Wild Child (2008) – Schweppes
- Wimbledon (2004) – Schweppes, Diet Coke

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