Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OUGD503 // Its Nice That // Website and content for app

The app in which i am going to create is basically going to be a mimic of the website, except it will be designed within an app for the iphone and be much more user friendly. The experience of using the app will be better than the website and hopefully the audience want to use it more.

Looking at the website has given me an insight to the important features of it and what the user may want to use the most within the app. The main focus of the app is to get the student audience to use the website in order to find new inspiration - inspiring todays youth.
From looking through the website and seeing the different sections of this, i have identified the main areas in which i want to include within the app.

From the homepage, you get the first glimpse of the website and what it will be like, this also reveals all the links at the top and everything that the user first see's. This isnt nessecarily going to be included in the app design - its just interesting to see the first impression of the website. 

Website Archive and links
At the bottom of the homepage there is the website site map and all links to every section of the website  - this was great for me as i could see all the different areas in which i could create the categories for the app. I had decided on doing 6 categories / sections to the app, so i needed to find the most important 6 sections and the ones i thought would be the best within the app. 

About and contact details are always necessary when you are creating an app for a company which allows contact and people to submit to them, its how alot of the content is on the website. Having a small section about Its Nice That and how to submit your own work and work with the company is a good idea - this also works into the creative community by submitting your own work and getting seen as a designer.  

Categories for me is always going to be the most important, whenever i use this website i always use the categories at the bottom - it takes you to the specific area you want and only shows you content relavant to that category. I think this is a must for the app and would be great for searching for specific inspiration in a given area.

Regular Features
Regular features are done by the contributors of the website - the people that run the company, these features are quite different to just displaying designers work - but it interacts with the designers more and is a section in which works with designers and get there ideas and opinons on things. As this is done by the contributors i think its a must to include, it also gives an insight into designers mind / lifes which would be great to read as a designer. 

Monthly Archive

Monthly Archive is another way in which you can search the website, in this case it brings everything that is relevant to that specific month - it will be work and posts from all categories. This would be good if you were looking in general or looking for some general creative blogs to read. I think this should be included. 

As the website offers you to listen to podcasts of the contributors and this is done by downloading through iTunes - it makes sense to integrate this into the iphone app and cut out any of the downloading. This would let you stream the podcast direct from the app, so the user can listen to the creative knowledge where ever and doing whatever. Listening for on the go. 

Its Nice That are involved in many events across the country, this section would display that and inform about the event itself, its always good if you are a creative to visit and take part in events, you are getting to meet new designers and gain contacts but also be kept in the social circle of designers and up to date with the work thats going on. Its always good to know if there is a design event near you. 

From looking at the website and identifying these areas as the most important areas and the ones i think would work the best within the app, i can now go away and start to design the app. 

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