Monday, 15 April 2013

OUGD503 // UK Greeting // Looking at the competition

I have looked at other greeting cards brands to see what there card designs are like, focussing on the blank cards as this is what i am producing.
Looking into the other brands has given me ideas of what are already out there.


Clinton Cards

Looking at the two brands i can see a distinctive difference between the two brands. With paperchase there is illustrative style with the cards but these are very different across all the cards and they dont have any sort of pack or collection of cards that are similar or work as a range. 

With the clinton cards there cards aren't illustrative at all, all the blank cards use photographs are humorous cards. This again shows a gap in the market in which i can work my cards into. 

With both of the brands there are very limited blank cards, which works in advantage for me, like i said before neither of them offer a pack of cards or have any cards which are within a range. This makes my cards different from the competition. The Paperchase cards are the closest in style to the ones that i will be designing, but they still are only illustrations and dont use any sort of patterns which i will be doing within my cards. 

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