Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Publication Layout

The design of the publication is directly related to the website, so for this I have adapted the layout of the website to fit the format of the publication. The coding of the website is placed on the page to represent how it is placed online. This created the direct correlation of how a digital product will be presented as a printed page.

For example you can see the these two designs above are related form how they are placed in the design. If the top design is placed over the coding on the design below it will all line up to show that the coding presents each object. Some of the coding is a lot longer and takes it more room than when it is presented as the digital product, but it is placed in the same area and lines up. 

When it comes to this design, it is more evident that the layout of the two designs are similar from the layout. By having both these pages within the publication and having the top design printed onto trace, I think this will make the publication make sense to the reader more and not just be pages of web coding which doesnt really show anything. 

Running through the rest of the publication the design will be kept within a four column layout on all pages. 

For the front cover of the publication the idea of web coding has still been used and communicate the idea of the publication and what is to come. This is done by the website being typed within two triangular brackets, as they would within coding. The lower area of the publication which would normally show the writer and designer of the publication has been laid out in the format of web coding. This again sets out the style and topic of the whole publication. 

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