Thursday, 9 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Binding

The binding for the publication is going to be kept really simple. The front cover will open fully and leave an exposed bound edge. This allows for the pages of the publication to be opened fully, so the user can see the full design on the page, as the pages are A2 format this is necessary.

Similar to this publication. You can see that the inside pages of the publication have been bound on the left edge, with binding tape covering this. The front cover then folds around this bound edge to close, but it will open flat, so that the rest of the book pages can be opened fully. 

Dependant on the number of pages that the publication ends up being, depends on how I will bind the publication. If it is possible I will bind the publication simply by using staples, if there is too many pages to do this, then I will perfect bind the publication. In both cases once the publication has been bound using either of these techniques, I will place binding tape over the bound edge. This will finish and present the publication with a bespoke style to it and make the whole thing higher quality.

The binding tape that I have bought to do this is a grey cloth textured tape. This is 5cm wide so it will fit around the pages and leave a good amount of tape on each side of the page. 

As you can see in this image, the binding tape has a nice texture to it. This will add to the overall aesthetic of the publication and add more depth and texture mixed with the stocks to create a high quality bespoke publication. 

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