Monday, 6 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Book Sleeve

As the cost of screen printing the whole publication will be a lot, because of the number of pages and format of these. I am going to digital print the publication, but then to keep the publication tied in with the idea of my dissertation, I am now going to create a sleeve for the book, which will be screen printed.

The sleeve will wrap around the front cover of the publication, but it will be portrait on it. The front will mimic that of publication, but the reverse side will be the content of the full website. This will basically form a smaller fold out format of the publication.

By having the sleeve screen printed and the publication digital printed, this also works with my dissertation because it is the two working together and could be seen as a way to see if the user can tell the difference between the two products.

To get some ideas of how the sleeve will work and the format to create it along side the publication, I have looked at some products online that use this.

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