Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Book Sleeve Alterations

Originally when I set out to create the book sleeve I was going to double side print it, but when it came to screen printing the design, I did have some trouble with it. One of the pages wasn't printing very well, I tried numerous ways to fix this but couldn't get the print to be good. As i didn't want to ruin the prints that I had already printed, I thought about changing the idea of it.

Changing the book sleeve to being on sided, still does the same job and communicates the idea of manual printed vs digital print of the publication. But by having it single sided this now presents itself as a poster, which as a product alongside the publication makes more sense and now works as a way to advertise the publication.

I printed the book sleeve / poster on GFSmith paper that matches the stock used within the publication, this is the mist and pale grey.

Throughout the poster / book sleeve there are some imperfections where it didn't print so well, but I like the result of this as it shows that print is not perfect and each time something different could be printed. It gives the design character and understanding that someone has put effort into creating the print. 

To create the book sleeve, the poster folds up to fit around the front cover of the publication. To do this each side of the poster folds in to show the inner two columns of the poster and title

The top and bottom of the poster then folds in order to fold it around the front cover.

When the book sleeve unfolds is shows the full poster. 

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