Thursday, 2 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Democratic Lecture notes

Democratic Lecture - Craig Oldham

Analogue vs Digital

Print particularly books is a technology
- "a piece of equipment created to perform a task"

Last 50 years taught us anything it's that technology is there to improve things and offer new and alternate ways of doing them.
- not to simply overwrite them, but to better it and provide another option, another way.

Example of this is size of mobile phone, sophistication of computer or TV set. 
- people to struggle when it comes to design, thinking it has to be or the other

Analogue and digital don't have to compete, there two different things
- not this or that, one or the other, two different tools
- job as a designer is to pick the right tool for the right job.

Print has been with us for centuries and had its moment of being a new 'technology'.

Marting Luther King used a poster in elections
- first time this print format was used in this particular way - provided a different opinion 
- using the right tool for the right job

Even now in the digital age the poster has been used for wars, symbolised youth rebellion and made icons of men and women across the world, a digital device couldn't have done this.m
- employed the right technology to best communicate their ideas.

Digital still relatively new technology to us and isn't being used at its full potential yet. As we are still learning about it.
- not reach this point until people stop seeing digital as a counter to print
- it's about the idea and making it happen through the right and relevant channel.m
- digital and analogue should be used together, not against.

Making it is as important as thinking it
Blogs and personal websites
- easier for designers to get work out into industry and get it seen by so many people.
- buy this product or design and immediately be let down because of the production of it

Production within design industry is vital
- "production is the one thing you can't evaluate intellectually"

Reaction to how something is made, what it is made of, how it is finished and formed is purely sensory and emotional - comes from the gut. 
- you can't argue interllectually about how it feels in your hands - it just does. When something feels good, you know it - you can explain why it just does. 

Because production is the last stage in the creative process, it is oftener overlooked. You've had the idea, seen it develop and now you just want to get it out there into the world.

A little more care make all the difference between what an idea is and how it is recieved
- ok and excellent
- Mona Lisa on a tea towel or hanging painting in The Louvre

Often is a missed opportunity to make what looks like a great idea actually be a great idea and received as one. 
- one that not only improves a creative thought by adding to it, but sometimes becomes the idea itself 

" production shows craft, understanding, humility, insight and empathy for the person using your design "

" it's not just the final box to tick - off in a long process, but an extension of that original thinking for which we all strive "

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