Wednesday, 15 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // CD Case

I am creating a CD case to house the CD which will have the website burned to it. This is to make it fit consistently with the rest of the products I have designed. In order to make it fit in more with the idea of bespoke and high quality design, I have designed the case to be a little different in how it opens and holds the CD. This agin ties in with my dissertation and making the print be more interactive. 

Net of the cd case. As you can see the net is of a different shape. The triangular shape to the bottom of the net, folds inwards to close around the actual CD, this won't be attached, but keeps it enclosed together. This again is to create the idea of interaction and unfolding the paper to reveal the cd. 

Text on the front of the cd case. The text on the CD case is similar to that of the publication front cover.  By using the website coding within the text it communicates that the product is to do with digital design. This also carries through the digital design aesthetic and makes it consistent with the rest of the products. 

Front cover of the cd case. By using the mandarin stock, this keeps the product consistent with the publication and other products created. 

Title and description of the digital component. 

The cover folds over the top and around the back to create the folded case. When it opens the net is folded inwards to create an enclosure around the cd and hold it within the case. 

Close up of the enclosure for the CD. 

The user will simply fold back the card to open it and get hold of the CD. As you can see the CD is attached by elastic bands to a piece of mount board. The CD can easily be taken out from this by sliding it out from under the elastic bands. This again is for aesthetic purposes, but it does also make sure that the CD stays within the case and isn't left loose. The mount board also strengthens the CD case. 

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