Thursday, 9 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Design Sheets

For the design of the website, I sat down and drew out some ideas for each of the pages. This was the final design that I came up with. I decided to go with this design, because it focuses on the imagery of my own work and will showcase it in the best possible way online. Also the way it has been designed will make it easily transferable to the printed publication. 

This design revolves around a 4 column layout. This is present on all pages of the website. 
Column 1 is used for the logo and navigation. Column two, three and four create the content area. On the pages where images are shown, these will span all three columns creating a large image on screen. On pages where it is text based, these will be laid out in the three columns. Having this adaptable layout and grid will make the pages consistent, but also varied as the designs can work in different ways across it. Also the four column grid, is great for creating a publication. 

The first page is the home page. This will introduce me as a designer to the user and be the first thing they see. For this the main content will be images of my work, this will take the form of a slideshow. The images will span the three columns and scroll through images of all my work in random. The slideshow will be continuous and looped, the user won't have to control it in any way. 

The second page is the projects. This will be linked from the homepage, the projects link will reveal a drop down menu of the projects, which when clicked on will navigate to a new page showing that project. For these pages it will take on the same design as the homepage, except as seen above it will contain a small explanation of the project below it. This will also be presented as a slideshow, but the user can interact with it and click through the images or go back etc. 

The next page is the about page. This page talks about myself and puts into use the four columns. I will use all three columns of the grid. The first will talk about myself within design, this will be more of how I came about design and development of myself into the industry. The second column will talk about my own practice, explaining the sort of work that I do etc. The third column will contain information on experience and awards that I have won. 

The final page will be the contact page. This again will use the full four columns as the page above. The first column will contain my contact details - address, phone number and email. The second column will contain links to other social media website and places the user can access my work. The third column has the copyright information for the website. 

I feel that this design will be simple to create which is an advantage, but with the simplicity of it, hopefully it will show my work to its best potential. Having the large images and that being the focus should be a good way to engage the user and keep them interesting within my work. This should be pretty easy to transfer to the publication, which again is a big help with this project. 

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