Wednesday, 15 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Final Publication

This is the final publication, which includes all the pages. This doesn't represent the what the finished publication will look like because pages within it are printed onto different stocks. Also the book doesn't run as a double sided publication. But here you can see the full design of it and see how it is consistent throughout and displays the aesthetic of digital web coding.

Below are some closer views of the different sections within the publication. 
Front cover. Displaying the title and showing the first incline of the web coding throughout the publication. 

Introduction. This uses part of the introduction form my dissertation to explain the idea behind the concept of the publication. It explains what the publication is there to achieve. 

Stylesheet. Displaying the stylesheet at the beginning of the publication because this is applicable to all pages within the publication. It is the style for them all. 

The header is also something that is present on all pages of the website, so having this at the beginning of the publication displays it for every page. 

Navigation page, this is taken from the website, the aesthetic is that of a link on a webpage. By highlighting one of the 'buttons' in black this shows which pages/chapter is next in the publication.  

Main pages of the website, these will be printed on trace, so it shows through the coding that is printed beneath. The idea is that this design will line up with the coding of each section below, to show how the printed version relates to the digital version. 

Coding from the website. This relates directly to the layout of the website. 

Project pages. These are slightly different to the main pages as there is more information on the page, which means the layout of the code is different. Again printing on trace will allow the design to be seen through and display the code printed below. 

Coding for the page above. 

The about page, shows how the four column layout is put to use. 

This is evident in the coding of the page also. Which by having the page above printed on trace, this will be seen by the user that they both relate to each other. 

Again the contact page uses the same four column layout which is clearly seen within the design. 

Transferring this to a printed page, shows that digital can be turned into print and be laid out in a legible fashion. 

The final section is the website archive. As a website is all collected into one folder, which holds all the files, I thought it would be necessary to show this within the publication. This links to all the pages within the publication as they all use the files within this archive. 

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