Sunday, 5 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Publication mock up

Now the website is designed, the coding of it can be transferred to the publication and laid out in the appropriate manor to create the publication that represents the website.

For this I am creating the publication at an A2 format, so that it presents a more tactile nature to the publication and encourages interaction within it as the format is much larger to normal. The publication will also be screen printed as this is essential to show the print vs digital argument.

The publication will be set up to replicate the website by having the pages in the same order and using the same layout, but just with the coding instead.

In order to get an idea of how the website will translate to the printed publication, I have created a mock up version to show the order, content and stock that will be used on each page. This mock up is a minimum of pages and what will be within the publication, as I am designing it there may be more added to it, if it is needed.

Stylesheet. Every page within the website uses the same stylesheet, so having this at the front of the publication and before all the pages shows that they all use this. This will be printed on Pale Grey 175gsm. 

Navigation pages. These will run throughout the publication, they are a way in which the user will know what sections are coming up next within the publication, but they also link back to the idea of a website, as they are designed as 'buttons' which would be present on the website. These aren't that major within the design of the publication, so I am using a lighter stock. Mist 135gsm.

Home page. This will be printed on Mandarin 175gsm

Navigation. Mist 135gsm.

About. Again printed on Mandarin 175gsm. 

Navigation page. Mist 135gsm

For the portfolio / projects pages I am going to show 5 different projects within the publication and website. I think this a good number to start off with and showcase the work that I do. I have chosen the best 5 projects from all that I am completed within uni. This will be printed on Mandarin 135gsm. I have done this on a smaller weight than the main pages, because they are in effect layered on top of each other, these pages are navigated off the main pages of the website, so using a smaller weight represents this. Keeping the Mandarin stock, still signifies it is of significance. 

Portfolio / project 2. Mandarin 135gsm. 

Portfolio / projects 3. Mandarin 135gsm.

Portfolio / projects 4. Mandarin 135gsm. 

Portfolio / projects 5. Mandarin 135gsm. 

Portfolio mast page. As the portfolios / project pages are navigated off the main website page, this page is put in place to be a anchor page for them all, this basically will be the same design as the home page. 
Mandarin 175gsm. 

Navigation. Mist 135gsm.

Contact page. Mandarin 175gsm.

Stylesheet / archive page. Pale grey 175gsm. 

Even though this mock up publication, doesn't resemble anything like the design of the layout of the pages, it gives me an order in which to design to and starting point for the publication. Looking at this mock up will give you the gist and idea of the publication, even without any sort of design on each of the page. 

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