Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OUGD601 // Dissertation // Practical // Publication Specification

The specification of the publication comes down to the typeface, stock and format of it all. By deciding this from the beginning of the project it put the production of the whole publication more apparent and bring this part of the brief to the front of whole project.

For the typeface, I am going to use Consolas, Using the weights of Bold and Regular to define different elements within the page.

For the stock of the publication I am going to be using GFSmith. 

Mandarin will be the main stock of the publication this will be in two weights of 175gsm and 135gsm. This will be used for the main pages of the publications, the pages of the website which communicate who I am. 175gsm will be for the main pages of the website and 135gsm will be used for the project pages. 

Pale Grey will be the secondary stock, this will be used for pages within the publication that aren't of the website, e.g introduction page etc. This will be in 175gsm as these pages are also of importance. 

Mist will be used for the navigation pages, these arent of importance to the website and what the user needs to view, but they are essential for the navigation throughout the publication. This is in 135gsm a lower stock than the rest. 

The publication is going to be produced on a A2 format, this is to produce a product that creates interactivity for the user and makes its more of a tactile object for the user when reading through it. 

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