Thursday, 29 November 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Wallpaper handmade cover 2012

Whilst looking for research on paper craft, i came across the wallpaper magazine website, which ran a hand made cover idea. These front covers were for the handmade issue and the magazine got designers to design a hand made cover.
Some of these link directly into the idea that i am wanted to create for the fedrigoni brief and some don't but i like the whole idea in the first place and think its a good idea to get designers involved. 

Using a magazine to create this pattern by twisting the pages. This brings the insides out and shows what fun you can have with the magazine.

taken from the sirio colour publication. This is a simple illustration of the middle of the sirio book. Very bright and eye catching. 

This last design my Tom Hingston, is exactly the idea that i am wanting to create. He has used layers of  different paper stocks to create the 3D magazine front cover. With all the different layers together this gives a really effective design and dynamic to the magazine.

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