Sunday, 18 November 2012

Design for Print // Front cover Research

For the front cover of the publication and sample pack i wanted to create something that can be consistent across all three products and make it look like a full packaged resource. For this i wanted to use the same design but have it slightly changed for each product.
As the whole pack is on print and print production i thought it would be a good idea to use that theory i have learnt and use it within the front covers.
I have looked through alot of different front cover designs to get some ideas and inspiration.

Throughout all the images i have seen alot of colour being used, so i am going to take this idea and use it within my front covers, using a different colour for each product which will then be the main colour within the actual publication.
For the process and idea to use to make the front cover, i have seen alot of laser cut being used, which i think will work well for this as the colour can be adapted and used within the designs too.

Along with using the actual printing process i have seen alot of work which uses photography and colour. I think this could also be good for the publications as it shows the use of colour, and positioning within artwork; all areas which are talked about in the publications. The examples in the research above have shown me some good ideas that i can take to my publication. This is going to work as a second front cover inside the publication and a colour form of that too.

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