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Fedrigoni Packaging

Perfume bottles and their packaging are usually developed as precisely and thoroughly as the perfumes themselves. Designers work on creating exclusive packaging for perfumes, since in many cases the box that the perfume is encased in plays a key part in the consumer buying decision.

Packaging must first catch the attention of the customer and then their hands, by communicating the values of the product as well as conveying ideas about its features even before the packaging is opened.

With this in mind, we have organised a collection of our papers and boards ideal for various packaging applications into a single swatch book. Divided into five categories; Box, Lining, Label, Shopping Bags and Tag, each category presents a selection of the most suitable papers for the application in question, together with examples of colours and surfaces.

Box: brings together papers weighing 250-350gsm that ensure good stiffness and mechanical resistance for creasing and die-cutting processes.

Lining: proposes papers that ensure a deluxe touch for cardboard boxes intended to last over time. Flexible yet resistant lining papers weighing no more than 160gsm.

Label: highlights the most suited substrates in relation to the technology used to apply the label to the container, including “water-glued” labels and self-adhesive film labels.

Shopping Bags: are characterised by high mechanical resistance to double creases, abrasion and humidity, offering weights between 130-200gsm. 

Tag: lastly, presents cards of variable weights between 250-800gsm, high bulk cards joined in several layers.

The Fedrigoni Packaging swatch is the perfect solution to all your packaging needs.

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