Monday, 19 November 2012

Design for print // Costing

The cost of a print job comes down to the following elements:

The finished size and number of pages/sections – please note in printing terms, a “page” is classed as a single printed side to view. So for example, an A4 brochure with 16 printed sides plus front/back cover will be classed as A4 16pp + 4pp cover; for a book with 80 x internal leaves will equate to 160pp for printing …

If you’re not 100% sure, please let us know the minimum / maximum you’re likely to need as it will be fine to estimate within these parameters. For anything “litho” printed a large element of the overall cost can be the set up, the “run-on” figure for increased volumes is usually a pleasant surprise.

With such a wide range available, we are happy to offer advice based on similar completed projects and specific recommendations on viewing the planned artwork. Our default materials are premium grade triple coated silk/matt/gloss FSC certified with minimum 15% recycled content, or FSC uncoated (option of 100% recycled). Please note you/we can include the relevant FSC environmental logo & supporting text on any project that uses FSC certified stock (in reality, nearly all) – there’s absolutely no cost implication for you …

If we are to print in 4 colour process (full colour), defined spot/pantone/metallic colours or a combination of the two – we will generally include a machine seal on all silk/matt coated stocks and also a special seal for uncoated stocks with large ink coverage requirements. This will not affect the printing or final appearance, but will prevent rubbing/marking.

Some jobs are very straightforward, others involve several finishing elements – we can also show certain finishing options (e.g. lamination, spot UV varnishing) as an additional cost, for you to work out what fits within the overall project budget, where applicable.

Time Frame
We pride ourselves on never missing an agreed deadline (and we’ll be honest – if on the rare occasion it’s impossible to complete a requested time we’ll tell you at the outset, not mid-project). We operate 6.00am-midnight print shifts on presses and so with a bit of advance warning we can make most things happen. But advance warning is the key – even if final artwork is not ready we can reserve a repro & press slot working back from your deadline and also organise the materials if size/quantity is known. As all proofing/printing is completed under the one roof we are in complete control of the project … and therefore the deadline.

Example of quotations:
First Version
A3 poster -  297x420mm
folded to a 4 page A4 brochure/booklet
printed 4 colour process on 170gsm silk - both sides
with Spot UV Varnish on 1 side
Quantities 100 & 200
Cost £445 + VAT

Second Version
A3 Poster 297x420mm
folded to a 4 page A4 brochure/booklet
printed 4 colour process on 135gsm uncoated - both sides
die-cut shape (1 corner into a shape)
quantities 100 & 200
Cost £348 + VAT

Third version
A3 Poster 297x420mm
folded to a 4 page A4 brochure/booklet
printed 2 spot colours on 135gsm uncoated - both sides
quantities 100 & 200
Cost £182 + VAT

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