Tuesday, 27 November 2012

OUGD503 // Design for web // Previous work

Whilst looking through the research for the Fedrigoni brief i have found some past competition briefs for previous YCN Fedrigoni briefs. These were good to look at and see what others had done for this kind of brief. It has given me some more ideas and ways of making my ideas more achievable and developing the ideas.

Fedrigoni Creative Colours - A 2 part publication which first is a notebook, with all the creative Fedrigoni colours paper within it, the second has more information about the papers etc with stock weights, information etc.

Fedrigoni Creative Colours - An innovative concept of how to show the creative colours papers. By creating something to make with the papers it shows them in context and demonstrates how adaptable they are within the crafts. This idea also links in with the fact they are italian papers.

 Fedrigoni Creative Colours - A complete information pack which plays on the idea of it being italian again, with the concept of it being presented in a full range of products, within a full gift set. Each individual item is packaged into something that resembles expensive luxury items.

This idea of branding the papers has worked very well, with it being italian papers, the nature of tailoring and high fashion design i think shows through this branding. The whole brand works across all the products within the box and creates a great experience for anyone who would open it, with each product being something different and all about Fedrigoni. 

Fedrigoni Creative Colours - Gemstones. Each coloured paper is crafted into a gemstone and presented within a jewellery box. 

Good use of colours within the packaging, linking the product and name together. The idea behind this is genius and works very well as a concept. Its a fun and playful idea for the advertising of the stock. 

Fedrigoni Sirio Colour - Information pack and website. Information pack and website which explains the Sirio paper range and the paper and weights available within this range. 

I like the aesthetical looks of the long stripes. These again show the colours of all the range and how they can work together. This remind me of paint swatches and a sort of colour mixer. It looks great on screen, but also applied to printed material too.  

Fedrigoni  Creative Colours - Imaginative publication that displays the paper range within. It is using paper craft to show the papers in the best way possible.

Using the stock to create a well informed design that highlights the different stocks of fedrigoni paper. Im not sure that this really shows odd the paper, but definatly works on the idea of imaginative and what could be possible when using there papers. 

Fedrigoni Hotel Book - interactive and paper craft publication which displays different paper within the range whilst displaying information about a given area. 

Great interactive publication, which not only uses cut out and colour etc, but has elements of pop up and having to move the card yourself to access information and other bits within the publication. 

Fedrigoni Imaginative - Small paper craft poster range which displays and shows the different papers and colours within the given range. 

Good play with the stock and how to make a 3D image. I think this could be pushed to a much bigger idea and applied over  bigger range, but i like the 3D elements of this design and how it works within the spreads and interacts with the type.

Fedrigoni Sirio Color - A collection of creative publication which show off the sirio colour range.

Another great way to bring interactivity into the publication. I think this would have taken a long time and being hard to design in the first place, but the end result is amazing and definatly caught my eye, so im sure it would of a reader. 

A good way to package a publication which is really simple as its only a thinner piece of stock. The colour works well with the colour of the publication and the wrap was a good idea to add to nature of excitement when you receive gift and have to unwrap it. 

Fedrigoni Imaginative Colours - poster/publication which display the creative papers and colours within the Fedrigoni range of paper. I like the use of the images being cut out of every layer to show the different colours and stock available. The image it creates is an idea about Fedrigoni and what they give as a company.

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