Tuesday, 27 November 2012

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Paper Craft & Pop up Books

After deciding on the kind of idea that i am wanting to use within my project and publication, i have started to look at general pop up and craft books to see the sort of things that can be achieved in using them.

Pop up book of showing who the designer is. I like the use of bright colours and the way that the pop up parts of the publication are constructed and how they work within the publication.

Interactive Newspaper. The newspaper folds up with information running from page to page, over the folds and other ways. To be able to read it, you have to work with the folds and unfold it as you go along.

Interactive publication, using the tabs to reveal more text and information.

Typography interactive book. To teach you about type and the different terms and meanings of typography. I like the use of different materials within the publication and how the trace paper has been used to overlay things over the top.

Pop up book - I love the pop up areas within the publication and how they work within the book. The pop ups look really good and very effective within this book. They are very intricate and look amazing. 

Movable numbers book. Interactive book, which shows numbers in different ways. I like the use of the different mechanisms within the publications for the interactive elements of it.

Publication on paper stock. I love the idea of the be able to see through the different layers of the pages to show through different stocks. The link between pages and how they are attached together works well too.

Movable type book. A publication which displays the alphabet in different ways. I like the pop up elements within the book, especially the box pop up which i think i can use this within my publications well. The use of pop ups with different layers works good too. They are all done to a high standard and look brilliant within the context of this book.

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